Selecting Tough Urban Trees for Tough Urban Sites
Jeffrey Iles, Ph.D., Iowa State University

Urban Forests for Urban Futures: How Trees Create Better Cities
Cecil Konijnendijk, Ph.D., Univ of British Columbia

What's My Tree Worth? Tree Appraisal Case Studies
Lindsey Purcell, Purdue University

The Science of Sap Flow
Abby van den Berg, Ph.D., University of Vermont

Energy Benefits of Trees
Benjamin S. Weil, Ph.D., Univ of Massachusetts

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The Science of Fall Leaf Color
Abby van den Berg, Ph.D., University of Vermont

Performing an Urban Site Assessment of Planting Sites
Bryant Scharenbroch, Ph.D., Univ of WI - Stevens Point

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Detection of Internal Decay in Trees Using Tomography
Nicholas Brazee, Ph.D., Univ of Mass Extension

Seeing the Forest For the Trees
David Nowak, Ph.D., USDA Forest Service

Engaging Volunteers
Lori Brewer, Cornell University

What's my Tree Worth? An Introduction to Tree Appraisal
Lindsey Purcell, Purdue University

Changing Urban Tree Canopy Cover
David Nowak, Ph.D., USDA Forest Service

Real Facts About Climate Change: How Should We Prepare?
Richard Cowles, Ph.D., CT Agricultural Exper. Station

Designing & Promoting Urban Forestry Contracts for Municipalities
Marc Welsh, City of Newton, MA

Budgeting for Biomass: Urban Tree Mortality & the Bottom Line
Rich Hauer, Ph.D., Univ of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Rick Harper
Extension Associate Professor of Urban and Community Forestry

​Department of Environmental Conservation
University of Massachusetts Amherst
160 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003

Roots & Urban Trees
Taryn Bauerle, Ph.D., Cornell University

An Into to UAS (Drones) & Urban Forestry
Charles Schweik, Ph.D., & Ryan Wicks, Univ of Mass

Urban Wood Utilization
Sean Mahoney, Mass Dep't of Conservation & Recreation

​​​​Urban Forestry Today

Managing Volunteers: Diversity, Collaboration & Consensus
Emily S. Huff, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Attracting Wildlife & Obtaining Benefits from Urban Trees
Tierney Bocsi, University of Massachusetts

Pruning Update
Edward Gilman, Ph.D., University of Florida

Urban Soils & Stormwater Management
Susan D. Day, Ph.D., Virginia Tech

The Trees We Plant...How are They Doing?
Lara Roman, Ph.D., USDA Forest Service

Planting & Innovation in the Urban Environment
David Lefcourt, City of Cambridge, MA

Getting the Word Out: Communication & Urban Forestry
David Bloniarz, Ph.D., USDA Forest Service

The Science & Practice of Cabling & Bracing
Mark Reiland, University of Massachusetts

What a Warming World Means for Pest Outbreaks
Michael Raupp, Ph.D., University of Maryland

From Seed to Shade: Establishing & Managing a Municipal Nursery
Alex Sherman, City of Springfield, MA

Tree Growth & Response in a Changing Environment
Janusz Zwiazek, Ph.D., University of Alberta

An Introduction to Urban Trees & The Law
Julie Steiner, J.D., Western New England University

Emerald Ash Borer Research Update
Daniel Herms, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

An Introduction to GIS Applications for Arborists
Forrest Bowlick, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

Jennie D. Mezzone, The Pennsylvania State University

Urban Trees & The Law: The Arborist's Perspective
Thomas Brady, Town of Brookline, MA

Community Volunteers & Urban Forestry
David Bloniarz, Ph.D., USDA Forest Service

Planning for the Urban Landscape Pests of 2019
Daniel Gilrein & Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University

Neonicotinoids, Bees & Urban Trees: The Controversy Defined
Richard Cowles, Ph.D., CT Ag Experimental Station

Roots & Urban Trees II
Taryn Bauerle, Ph.D., Cornell University

Can we enhance the urban environment with non-native trees & shrubs??
Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D., Washington State Univ

Tree Diversity & Exotic Threats: The 5% Solution
John Ball, Ph.D., South Dakota State University