​​​Here we answer common questions and offer helpful do-it-yourself tips about tree planting, soil sampling, and the environment:

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Join Dr. Leslie Brandt, USFS, as she outlines how a

changing climate may impact the future of our urban forests.

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 Soil Sampling


 In-Ground Fabric (IGF) Container Tree Planting

 Percolation Testing

Urban Trees and Plymouth Shoreline, Plymouth, MA

Rick Harper
Extension Associate Professor of Urban and Community Forestry

​Department of Environmental Conservation
University of Massachusetts Amherst
160 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003



​​​​Urban Forestry Today

 Traditional Container-Grown (CG) Tree Planting

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On Thursday February 03, Dr. Leslie Brandt, USDA Forest Service, will join the 'Urban Forestry Today'

Noonhour (Eastern) webcast to discuss "Climate Change & Urban Trees: What Does the Future Hold?"  

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