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Urban Forestry Today 'Do-It-Yourself' Video Series

Urban Trees and Plymouth Shoreline, Plymouth, MA

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​​​Here we answer common questions and offer helpful do-it-yourself tips about tree planting, soil sampling, and the environment:

Dr. Rick W. Harper
Extension Associate Professor of Urban and Community Forestry

​Department of Environmental Conservation
University of Massachusetts Amherst
160 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003


​​​​Urban Forestry Today

 Traditional Container-Grown (CG) Tree Planting

 Soil Sampling

 In-Ground Fabric (IGF) Container Tree Planting

 Percolation Testing


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February's 'Urban Forestry Today' noonhour (Eastern) monthly broadcast will feature Theodore Eisenman, Ph.D., 

Univ of Massachusetts, who will discuss "Traits of a Bloom: Understanding Tree Urban Planting Initiatives"  

On Thurs Feb 09 @ Noon (Eastern), Dr. Theo Eisenman will join the broadcast to 

define and detail the actors and elements of an urban tree planting initiative. 

To attend this Free Broadcast & receive 1.0 ISA/0.5 MCA CEUs at no cost, 

click here or visit www.joinwebinar.com & enter: 179-260-299